Beat the Winter Blues

Tonight I went to Jen Hurley’s 7th annual “Beat the Winter Blues” party. Everyone is supposed to wear blue, there is blue punch (which tastes like cough syrup, but has a high alcohol content and then all of the sudden it tastes kind of good) blue food (my uncle Andy would be horrified at this party, the only major conviction he has in life is that you don’t eat foods that are blue), blue leis, blue lights and blue hair (but not the kind that is only found on little old ladies). If you don’t come to the party wearing blue, you are then painted blue or drawn upon with a blue eye liner. It was a good party, made better by the fact that I invited my roommate and he in turn invited about ten of his friends. They really bulked up the party, which it needed and extended it’s life by about an hour and a half. I have no major conclusions about the party at this time, maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to make some of the moments at the party clever and cute and appropriate for parental consumption (hi mom and dad) but for now I must sleep.

Also coming tomorrow (or really later today) is the story of my five mile run today (yesterday)…

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