Monthly Archives: October 2011


making soup at my sister's house (171)

A steaming pot of soup on my sister’s stove on a warm, Texas Halloween day. No sign of a baby yet.


This was one of those nights where I was headed to bed and realized I hadn’t taken a single photo during the day. I quickly pulled out my phone and snapped an image. This was the result.


greens (169)

On a walk around Raina’s E. Austin neighborhood, I spotted this pair of aqua beauties. The oddest part is that they didn’t belong to each other. The car belonged to a drab, brown house on the left. I guess their Beetle is color enough for that person.


at the Good Food Road Show (168)

A row of mason jars, pressed into serve to hold flowers and candles at Springdale Farm for the Good Food Award Road Show. Kate picked me up and we reconnected after months apart over an array of delicious food and the realization that we’re facing many of the same challenges right now. It felt so good to be heard and understood.


Carrie's pantry (167)

For part of our time here in Austin, my mom and I are staying with some friends of Raina and Drew’s. Here’s their pantry. I’m totally charmed by it.



Raina with baby Faye, a dog that belongs to some friends of hers. She loves to rest her head on the baby belly.