Life List

  • Start, use and keep alive a sourdough starter
  • Live in a house with fruit trees
  • Open a cooking/canning school
  • Run the Philadelphia Distance Run
  • Successfully grow cucumbers
  • Spend a summer at home
  • Visit Hadrian’s Wall
  • Travel to Amsterdam to see where Anne Frank hid
  • Learn to knit something more than just a long, curling length
  • Do yoga every day for a year
  • Write a cookbook I turned the draft in to Running Press on 5/8/11
  • Publish a book of essays about food
  • Give a sermon
  • Perform a wedding ceremony
  • Let go of the excess stuff
  • Figure out how to truly relax
  • Star in my own cooking show
  • Learn to sharpen knives well
  • Hang my clothes out to dry on a clothesline
  • Refinish my dining room table
  • Own a beautiful oak hall tree
  • Live in a space with hardwood floors
  • Adopt a dog
  • Learn to live one day a week without the internet
  • Read something by Charles Dickens
  • Host my family’s Christmas celebration
  • Have a baby

One thought on “Life List

  1. erin

    Marisa, I made a “101 Things to Do in 1,001 Days” list; sort of like a New Year’s Resolution, but to do over a longer period of time. Surprisingly, I’ve chipped away at it, and have kept notes on it, added to it, etc. over the past 3+ years. I can’t say that I’ve finished, but it’s a great tool to keep track of goals.


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