Big problems, little problems

So, I have my big problems like “What should I do with my life?” and “When will I meet the love of my life?”

But then there are the little problems, like “how can I sufficiently dry out underneath my shower door enclosure so that I can caulk around the edge so that it will stop leaking and getting gross?”

Seriously, this is a problem that has plagued me for some time. About six months ago I did go at with the hair dryer and Q-tips prior to caulking, but evidentally I didn’t get all the moisture out because soon after holes developed in the caulk and my leaking problem was back. I’ve thought about taking down the door enclosure altogether and just getting a shower curtain, but then I would lose valuable towel rack space. So you see, right now I’m more concerned with the little problems than the big ones.

I don’t think that this is what they mean when they tell you to live in the moment.

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