New job opportunites up ahead, on the left

Last Tuesday I got to work almost a half hour late. I sat down at my desk (hey, at least I finally got a new desk) and fell brain first into the fog of apathy that thicken the air around my chair. I felt hung over and sluggish, but there had been no carousing the night before, just a night of sleep that started too late and ended too early. My perception felt off, as if my eyes weren’t correctly transmit signals to my brain. My boss asked me to take care of some tasks and the words missed my ears and fell to the floor. After the third reminder, she pulled me to the round table outside our doors, and announced that she was frustrated and wanted to know what was up with me.

What was up was that I’ve been depressed. It’s kind of a hard thing for me to admit, but I’ve never thought of myself as someone who gets depressed and yet there it was, a black cloud of misery and mood swings (punctuated by moments of tearfulness). I’ve managed to climb back out of that hole and am feeling more normal, after a full week of having a variety of emotions.

It helps to know that I have a job interview this Thursday morning at the big west Philly university. It’s been my goal for some time now to get a job there, so this is very exciting. Wish me luck!

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