They call it progress

About a week ago I learned that they are going to be building a 39 story building on an empty lot near my apartment. This means that the very last little bit of view beyond the skyscrapers that this little unit in the heavens has held onto for the last 40 years is going to be obscured. Eliminated. I’ve spent the time since I found out mourning for the loss of this view, despite the fact that they haven’t even broken ground yet.

My brain has been working overtime, trying to come up with ways to get out of here, before this new building emerges, hemming me more tightly into a world of tinted glass and reflected facades.

Then another part of my brain steps in, gently reminding me that it’s not like the building will be right up against mine. There will still be a full city block and a wide street in between me and the future offending monstrosity. And, there’ll be an Acme on the ground floor. I mean, come on, that’s exactly what this neighborhood needs, a regular old grocery store (although, since Trader Joe’s moved in, it’s been a lot better).

But still, a part of me feels sad. These things happen, they call it progress, right?

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  1. Daggles

    You should start to highlight the best moment of the day. Or just some regular theme, like Mondays was the day for Headlines on the Leno Show.

  2. Chris Randolph

    A house is going to be squeezed in next door to my building (into a half lot in South Philly; *squezed* in) that will necessitate ripping my side of our small apartment buidling apart because I would no longer have:

    – 2 of my 4 windows
    – bathroom or kitchen ventilation
    – an external duct for my heating and air condtioning unit

    I may be pretty much forced to leave here temp or permanenatly as soon as Oct. I’ve been here 8 yrs.

    NOT happy, can sympathize!


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