I'm a sparkly girl

I’ve always been good at first dates and job interviews. Really, they require some of the same skills–presenting yourself clearly, articulately and in good light. Being enthusiastic and engaged in the conversation. Avoiding picking your nose or scratching your crotch. Not mentioning that you still sleep with your baby blanket. That sort of thing.

I put my job interviewing skills to good use today at that big university in West Philly at which I’ve always wanted to work (really, I’ve always wanted to go to school there, but I figured working there is a good first step). And it went really (REALLY) well. About half way through the meeting, the woman interviewing me dropped all pretenses and asked me “How much notice do you have to give your current job?” “When could you start?” and “What days next week would work for your second interview?” She emailed me about half an hour ago, suggesting I come in again next Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed!

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    Oops. The user interface for leaving comments leaves a lot to be desired. Well, anyway, twice the congrats are not a bad thing 🙂

    Dan W.


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