I’ve begun the process of letting all the people I work with know that I’m leaving my job. For all the joy and excitement I’ve felt at the possibility and then promise of this new job, leaving this place that is comfortable and familiar is bittersweet.

I sat down with my supervisor this morning, in the grassy picnic area onto which our office windows look. We discussed my projects and responsibilities and the things she would have to take care of until my replacement was hired. I felt relieved (but also twinged with guilt that I had procrastinated so effectively) that there were projects (that I had never wanted to do in the first place) about which I could simply say, “I’m not going to get to that” without shame or repercussion. I felt moments of sadness to be handing over events that I had enjoyed and planned effectively.

Sitting in the sun with this woman who I genuninely like and enjoy, who was my supervisor through my toughest year on record, I felt my heart tug with the knowledge that she would no longer be a part of my day to day existence. Our relationship had been fraught with frustration as I struggled with my role in our office and yet she was always kind, continuing understanding and consistently good to me. I’m hopeful that despite this move I’m making, we’ll stay connected.

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