Looking back to move forward

I’ve come to the conclusion that during times of transition, where you’re primed to move ahead with life, that that’s when you spend large chunks of time looking back. At least, that’s how I’ve been killing time. For the last couple of days, I’ve been mired in retrospection. None of it has been bad, but I’m feeling a little bogged down, a little slow and little sad. I’ve spent time thinking about the paths I’ve taken, including how I determined where to go to college and why I chose to move to Philly. I’ve run the list of former dates and encounters, wincing at some of the choices I’ve made. I’ve replayed scenes in my head, cringing at the apparent discomfort I displayed existing in my body.

I’ve also allowed myself to celebrate the good stuff. The friends I’ve picked and loved. The ways in which I’ve interacted with others that left them feeling better than they did before they knew me. The kindnesses I’ve shown to myself (and I speak for women in my generation on this, sometimes one of the hardest things you can do in life is treat yourself with kindness).

I hope that what I’m doing with all this is priming myself for more good experiences. I’d like to think that I’m looking back and remembering my cringe-worthy moments so that I can learn how to have less of them.

A girl can only hope.

0 thoughts on “Looking back to move forward

  1. Devon

    I love you sis! You keep on pushing yourself to live the life you were destine for. I think you are incredible and wonderful and I am giving you big hug!
    I miss you and our intimate talks around your dining room table, I am definately one of your friend who benefited from your presence. Because of you I stayed in Philly longer, was more gentle on myself during rough times, and learned to change the energy in my room! I guess we will have to settle for the phone until I return to Philly.
    I keep checking in on you over your blog, I am so happy you started it.
    Love you much!

  2. Pink Lemonade Diva

    ha ha – just don’t treat yourself to the kindness that accrues interest on a credit card balance! Getting older is a different kind of fun because you have the resources to do and see more.


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