Tonight I ironed. It started simply, a skirt I bought during the thriftstore bonanza on Saturday had gotten washed and needed to be ironed before it could be worn. I set up the ancient but sturdy ironing board in the living room, and plugged in the slightly less aged Black and Decker iron. I watched the hot, steamy surface slide across the black linen. Like magic, fabric that had seconds before been puckered and creased, revealed itself to be smooth and rumple-free. I found this simple action to be so soothing that I went to the closet to search out other items that would be equally satisfying to run under the iron and transform. As I slowly and methodically pressed another skirt–turn, straighten, smooth, turn–I felt like I was being turned, straightened and smoothed by psychic iron, one that could seek out the crinkles and puckers in my heart and mind, leading me back to a neutral state.

I see more ironing in my future.

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  1. aasmodeus

    I find that lots of things, if done with concentrated intention, are soothing and meditative. Dish-washing. Brushing my dog’s hair. Watching my son construct a train track set or connectix work of art. Digging dirt. Running (once I’m in the groove after the first 3 miles). It’s such a wonderful gift to be able to reach that state with such a mundane and relatively easily accomplished task.


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