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This afternoon, after the rainstorm had exhausted itself a little, I headed over to the Nodding Head for the August Philly Bloggers Meet Up. This was my first meet up, and I was a little excited and apprehensive as I walked in. It’s a little surreal to go and meet a bunch of people who’s work and writing I follow and admire. Once I got there, I was able to shed the nerves and have a good time. I met a bunch of people and talked topics ranging from how to make money blogging to Stargate SG-1 (a perennial personal favorite). Scoot on over to if you want the low-down on who-all was there.

The coolest moment of the afternoon (at least for me) was when the guy who writes Pax Romano (check out the blogroll to the right, he’s on there) came over to me and said he loved my blog. It made my day, week, month and, quite possibly, year, to hear that. Thank you so much for reading and telling me you liked it. I felt like a rock star for a brief moment, and it was awesome.

13 thoughts on “Philly bloggers meet up

  1. PaxRomano

    I meant it, I love your blog and the daily story of your life in Philly!

    Hopefully we’ll meet again and talk (maybe at the next blogger meet-up!)


  2. Neil

    We recently had a meetup here in Los Angeles, and I found myself feeling a little weird meeting my fellow bloggers in person the first time — maybe I was just being shy about it. Did you have any similar feelings?

  3. Luna

    It was great meeting you Marisa! I’m glad it turned out well, I was just as nervous and kept on debating whether to go in or to just continue onto Borders.
    I’m glad I went in 🙂

  4. Marisa

    Hey Neil, to answer your question, I was nervous for the first 90 seconds and then the weirdness past. Then I was so happy I had come and sad I hadn’t given myself the opportunity to meet these people earlier.

  5. Scott

    I’m glad you all came! I, myself, am not the most outgoing of folks, so being the organizer of the meetup is a stretch for me, but I’m glad I do it, and I’m glad people show up.

  6. Swamy

    Wow ! It is so cool you can actually be part of a community like this ! Happy for everyone 🙂 How’ve you been ? Wish you the best with the job.

  7. Pink Lemonade Diva

    ohhh, I couldn’t believe when they changed it to Saturday afternoon – when I already had plans!! Thanks to your success with it though, I feel better about joining in, myself. Hopefully I can make it next month!

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