Pod possessed

Last christmas, thanks to my parents, I joined the ranks of the white-strings-in-ears zombies that seem to roam everywhere these days. I love my pod, and frequently wish I had gotten one with a larger memory, because I’m close to hitting my 5000 song wall and I’m nowhere near having all I want on there.

But recently, I came to the conclusion that my pod is possessed. My understanding of the possession came slowly. I would put it on pause and walk away for several minutes, expecting it to still be paused on the same song when I returned. But the song and the play mode would have shifted. After this happened several times, I saw a pattern. It always reverted to the same cd. I was on the trolley the other morning, mid-song, when it seemed to skip, as an old record on a turn table would, and the song “Fine, Fine, Fine” started playing, the dulcet tones the incomparable Raina Rose (who also happens to be my younger sister) coursing into my ears. It seems the spirt of my (very much alive) schvester has taken hold of my iPod. I’m not sure what to do about this, but I don’t really think it’s all that bad. It’d be really cool if she was somehow tied to the pod, so that when she started thinking about me, her music spontaneously took hold of the pod’s hard drive. Probably it’s just a glitch, but if I have to have a glitch, I’m glad it picked my sister’s music to glitch on.

Glitch on, my rock star sister!

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