Crisis averted

I went to the doctor this afternoon, and she said, judging by my lack of swelling and discoloration, I’m not broken, just sprained. And, even if I was broken, it would only be a small bone in my foot, and they wouldn’t treat it any differently than a sprain. So I’ll be limping around the city for the next couple of weeks, but hopefully no worse for wear.

I’ve got figure out what’s going on with me these days, though. Within the last four days, in addition to the foot, I managed to lose my driver’s license (and then find it in my closet), put a big dent in the side of my car (although it is an almost 14 year old wagon, it has next to no value, so it doesn’t really matter) and go to the wrong first night of my class at Wharton. I’m really doing a great job of screwing things up lately. I’ve got to get myself back on a better track soon, or I’m going to end up shooting my eye out (although I’ve never held a gun, and have no intention of getting near one).

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  1. Anonymous City Girl

    Don’t over analyze coincidences.
    Take a deep breath and move forward.
    Everything is fixable; just take one at a time.
    Foot injury – not serious or permanent damage.
    Dent in car – still drivable.
    License – found it!
    I locked my keys in my car with my schedule and books the first day of classes at a college I didn’t want to be at after being forced out of my 1st choice college.
    A month from now you won’t even be giving these things a 2nd thought.

  2. Luna

    I tend to think that this means there is a bunch of good things coming your way.

    Glad to know that it’s not broken; still, if you need anything juts send a quick note… 🙂

  3. Georgia

    Oh, honey, I turned 35 and everything went to hell, all at once. Mysterious full-body rash that took prednisone to cure, bum knee, bum hamstring, which led to a bad back; then got a virus *on my tongue*. Now I too fear I have broken one of the tiny bones in my foot AND I have blood in my eye. Why? I do not know.

    Maybe the universe is distracting me while it lines up a publisher for my book. Hopefully that’s the case for you as well. Glad your foot’s just sprained, although it does bite to have to hobble around… hope you heal quickly.


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