Friday Random Ten

So I’ve seen several other people play this game, and while I always wanted to join in, something (distraction? shyness? elementary school desire not to copy?) always held me back. But today, I throw off that something and dive in.

To play (stolen directly from Matt at The Tattered Coat): put your digital music player on shuffle, click play, and list the first ten songs that show up. You must resist the temptation to click past the bad or embarrassing songs.

Here’s what I got:

Barrel of a Gun, Guster (Lost and Gone Forever)
All Used Up, Eric Hutchinson (This Could Have Gone Better)
Wrapped Around Her, Joan Armatrading (Square the Circle)
Catch Me Now Iā€™m Falling, The Kinks (One for the Road)
4th of July, Ani DiFranco (Puddle Dive)
Jemima Surrender, The Band (The Band)
My IQ, Ani DiFranco (Puddle Dive)
Smells Like Teen Spirit, Nirvana (Nevermind)
Thinking About You Again, Shelby Lynne (Epic Recordings)
Good Enough, Sarah McLachlan (Mirrorball)

Favorite Song: All Used Up
Least Favorite Song: Wrapped Around Her (I don’t really know why I keep this album on the pod)
Favorite Album: The Band

I find it a little weird that with 4451 songs on my pod, two from “Puddle Dive” show up. There is a lot of Ani in my life, but from the same album. Weird.

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t have a portable digital music player, so failing that, here is the one entry in my music player at work:

    It’s “Club 977: The 80s Channel”. If I had an iPod, it’d be loaded up with all my Abba collection first, and then whatever else would fit (random eclectic mix).

    –Aasmodeus (blogger is not cooperating)

  2. Anonymous

    I remember somebody posting something on about iPod’s random song selection being not quite so random. I think a guy left his iPod on shuffle for an entire week and calculated the odds of songs being repeated the number of times that they were, and that these odds were extremely low. Maybe there’s something relevant here.

    Regarding Abba, is their collection really so big as to take up an entire iPod?

  3. aasmodeus

    Re: Abba, perhaps, if you got the unofficial studio recordings, in all the languages they’ve sung their songs in (e.g. right now I have one song in three languages). I doubt it though. But of course, you could stretch it (as with any group) to include all their concerts šŸ™‚ and tapings although they really never were hip to the TV or movie gigs.


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