My sister loves me

About half an hour ago, my cell phone started ringing just as my supervisor walked into my office. As I reached into my bag to switch it off, I noticed that the caller was my sister. It pained me not to answer the call, because my sister rarely calls me just for kicks, but I had to give my attention to work at that minute. I got distracted from the call with work (shocking, I know), and only just now remembered to listen to the message. It said,

Hi Meece. I’m downtown (Portland) and being downtown makes me think of Philadelphia, and Philadelphia makes me think of you, so I thought I’d call and say I love you a bunch and that I miss you. Okay, bye.

My sister loves me and felt the urge to call me and tell me. It’s amazing that that’s all it takes to turn an average day into a great one.

(Hey Rainy, I love you too!)

0 thoughts on “My sister loves me

  1. Christian

    Aren’t you glad you didn’t answer your phone? Sometimes getting a message like that, one you can listen to a few times, is better than talking.

  2. rainarose

    i really really do love you lots and lots marisa! you are such a great sister. Even if we can’t go for two days in the same city without fighting…
    hey, i am looking forward to seeing you soon!


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