World Cafe Live and a (weird) dream my mother had

Tonight we had the UU Young Adult happy hour over at the World Cafe Live upstairs restaurant/bar. I scheduled it there because Eric Hutchinson, my very favorite new artist, was playing. I’m all about doubling up on fun stuff when the opportunity presents itself. I got there a little early, and entertained myself with a book and a beer at the bar. Evidently, that bar doubles as the defacto happy hour space for the employees of XPN for a bit, before (the) hoi polloi show up. I sat at the bar, between Kate Gaffney (who has a new cd coming out at the end of the month) and Roger LaMay (general manager of XPN) with a couple of female XPN-ers that I didn’t know. It was interesting to hear Roger talk so openly about the happenings of the station. He mentioned something that made me think that the All About the Music Festival’s move from Penn’s Landing to Wiggins Park wasn’t just about a better location, but also about the difficulties they had working with Penn’s Landing. They left after about fifteen minutes, and my eavesdropping opportunity was over. The happy hour was fun, and the show was terrific (I already wrote about it over at the Philly Metroblog).


So I was talking to my mom today as I walked across campus to pick up the mail, and she described the dream she had had the night before. She was standing between my dad and my sister, holding our family cat, Dinky. Dinky is gazing upwards, and pipes up with, “Ooo, look at all the angels!” My family is pretty darn shocked that Dinky is talking, and all look up, to see if they can see the angels. They aren’t visible to anyone but the cat, and so my sister leans in and whispers, “I don’t believe him.” Dinky gets huffy and offended, and my mother chimes in with an enthusiastic, “I believe you, Dinky!”

And that was the dream. My sister thinks it means that Dinky is going to die. My mom just thought it was cool, a spiritual cat. I haven’t heard what my dad’s verdict is, and I’m completely befuddled. Anyone care to venture an interpretation on that one?

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  1. popscholar

    just checked out a little eric hutchinson — i’ve definitely heard him on xpn but didn’t realize it. the song “subtitles” in particular, really reminds me of jack johnson.

  2. aasmodeus

    Hi, thanks for stopping by! I responded at my blog, FWIW. Yours would be the first comment by someone I know…

    I’d hoped to get to my first UUYA happy hour, but alas, I’d already booked Philly Car Share (and promptly forgotten about it, and fortunately remembered in the afternoon) for the evening to return some stuff and pick up new stuff at Linens & Things for my apartment. I’m glad it was fun, and hopefully soon I’ll actually be able to attend one!

    As for the cat, I think it means your mother is thinking of Dinky a lot recently, for whatever reason (perhaps she’s noticed, subconciously, that Dinky is sicker or slower than usual, or it might not be related to health at all). It is often that cats see things we don’t… if you watch them at times, they just freeze and stare into space… in fact, this reminds me of a Get Fuzzy comic. I’ll post that when I can get blogger to cooperate.

  3. MoDad

    Animals, and cats included, have different vision menus from us “higher” beings. We had a rabbit, aptly named Bun Rab, who could see spooks. We had a regular such visitor come through the kitchen window, and Bun Rab would give us the rear foot warning thump that rabbits do. He had the run of the house, by the way, which I don’t recommend for rabbits. Everything at his height level was chewed up, it’s amazing he didn’t get electrocuted. His name led to our first puppy being named Bun Dog.


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