Blistex Medicated Berry

Yesterday I stood in the cold remedies section of CVS, staring at the display of chapsticks and lip balms. I didn’t really need anything, as I already possess just about every tube of lip stuff every produced, but I find that when I’m craving something new, I can quench that desire by purchasing a new lip stick/balm/gloss/tint. Over the years my dad has been the beneficiary of the many tubes of Bonne Bell and Carmex that I’ve collected, although he drew the line at using up the grape and root beer flavored stuff. In every coat I own, there are two or three or four tubes and sticks of scented, flavored and tinted glosses and balms.

Yesterday I found myself reaching up and pulling down a packet containing a tube of Blistex Medicated Berry. It’s not a flavor I naturally gravitate towards, but its the favorite of Andrea, my best friend from college. She always had a couple tubes of the stuff around and when I close my eyes I can see her with the dark pink tube in her hand. The smell takes me back to our room the first semester of our sophomore year of college, living in a tiny triple with our friend Bridget, on the third floor of Lyman Hall. She would apply the Blistex right before bed, in between kicking at the underside of my mattress from her lower bunk, in an attempt to stop the squeaking of the boards holding my mattress up, and saying good night. It’s nice to be able to have a little piece of Andrea, 3000 miles away.

2 thoughts on “Blistex Medicated Berry

  1. Andrea

    Awww…thanks for the blog! I opened it up, saw the picture of the Blistex, chuckled to myself, and knew I was going to find my name. You have made my day and given me a reason to smile big this morning. Katy once told me after college, that everytime she smells it, she thinks of me. I just put some on this morning, and now I’ll think of you today every time I do. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Love you, baby!


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