Random Friday

It’s Friday (am I the only one who thinks that this week just flew by?), which means its time to share the first songs that my iPod spits, in order, no additions or subtractions. So here we go…

1. Did Galileo Pray?, Ellis Paul (Live)
2. Blood From a Stone, Jonatha Brooke (10 Cent Wings)
3. Chokin’ Kind, Joss Stone (The Soul Sessions)
4. This Year’s Love, David Gray (White Ladder)
5. Soft Talk, Shelby Lynne (Epic Recordings)
6. Ghost in This House, Allison Krauss (Forget About It)
7. Cello Song, Nick Drake (Way to Blue)
8. Alphabet Town, Elliott Smith (Elliot Smith)
9. A Hundred Years, Tracey Chapman (Crossroads)
10. I Feel the Blues Movin’ In, Harris, Parton, Ronstadt (Trio II)

and one more, just for kicks…

11. Tiffany Queen, The Byrds (The Essential Byrds)

Favorite Album: White Ladder, I remember buying this album when it first came out on cassette, not because it was before CDs were available, but because I was too cheap to pay the three extra dollars to buy the CD.

Favorite Song: Nick Drake’s Cello Song. I just like it.

Song I’ve Seen Performed Live: Ellis Paul’s, Did Galileo Pray? My friend Una is a big fan of Ellis Paul, and we went to see him last winter at the Tin Angel. We were in the seats that run along the wall that leads to the bathrooms and the dressing rooms, and during the opening act, Ellis came out to watch and sat next to me.

In other music news, Eric Hutchinson, my favorite semi-undiscovered musician, will be opening tonight for Bob Schneider at 9 pm tonight at the North Star Bar.

And for more Random Fridays, go check out some of the regular contributors, Luna, Andrea and Ben. Mark doesn’t have a Friday random ten up at the moment, but you should check out his new game, 6 Degrees of Ostentation.

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  1. howard

    Okay, I picked a bunch of Elliott Smith tracks recently, but I can’t seem to get them up on the random ten for some reason… even when I just sit there and keep hitting next, next, next…

    Oh, and I like White Ladder, too, though I have acquaitances who are bound to tease me for it, that is, if they find out.


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