Some recent pictures

So I’ve been going to a lot of weddings (well, okay, just two) lately, celebrating major holidays (haven’t we all), and generally partying it up. But, I haven’t been posting any pictures. So I’ve made some Flickr sets, and I’m putting the links here.

But first, a warning.

If you weren’t actually at these events, or you aren’t my mother, you might not find these so interesting. Some of them are even admittedly crappy. But, for those of us who were there, they are fun. So, with that said, feel free to take a look. There are some nice pictures of the toasted flour on my stove, proof that I did indeed spend a hour over a frying pan with a melt-proof rubber spatula, making nice toasty flour. Also of me, with my hair all slicked back after hours of dancing, which is actually not such a good look for me, but what can ya do.

Without any further stalling, here we go:

The Stefator/Spectorelli Wedding

The Lori/Jim Wedding (aka the night I danced my tush off)

Thanksgiving Weekend

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  1. aasmodeus


    I’m so torn between longing to be able to party like this with a bunch of people who always look like they’re having a grand time together… and “old age” making me ache all over when attempting to do so… and “life complications” pulling my time away…

    But, then again, that’s why I love living vicariously through your FLICKR sets!!!

    PLEASE, KEEP THEM COMING!!! Otherwise I’ll fade away into old fogey oblivion… and you KNOW I’m too young for that!!!


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