The Raina Update

The City of Angels has been both very good and very bad to my sister this week. In the very good department was her show at the Clairmont Colleges. She has some friends down there, and they brought a nice sized crowd out to hear Raina. On the very bad side was her show in LA. She was scheduled to play Genghis Cohen. They told her she had to bring her own crowd, and so had done a bunch of promotion, rallied our family and friends in LA and generally gotten the word out. However, Genghis Cohen had gas leak on Wednesday night, closing down the restaurant and bar. Somehow I became the hub of communication between my cousins out in LA and my mom in Portland (Raina was no where to be found) trying to find out what was going on with the show. She got moved to Molly Malone’s on Fairfax, but the situation was far, far less than ideal. There was a rockabilly band playing really loudly in an adjacent room and there were six people in the bar to listen to her, the change in time and location scattering the crowd she had so carefully arranged. But she didn’t let it get to her and instead played the best set she possibly could. I haven’t heard anything from anyone who heard her (my cousins Wil and Deb did manage to make it), but I am confident that she put on an excellent show.

Next stop, Arizona!

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