Random Friday–The Ready for the Weekend Edition

Welcome Friday, I am so glad you are here. Because you are here, I know it is time again for me to send my iPod into shuffle and tell you what the first ten songs to show up are. Round and round we go…

1. Anthem, Gabriel Yared (Cold Mountain Soundtrack)
2. Take Me Down, Ellis Paul (Live)
3. Section 12 (Hold Me Now), The Polyphonic Spree (Together We’re Heavy)
4. My IQ, Ani DiFranco (Puddle Dive)
5. Masterplan, My Morning Jacket (It Still Moves)
6. Dirt Road Blues, Bob Dylan (Time Out of Mind)
7. Bigger Than My Body, John Mayer (Heavier Things)
8. Long Live the King, Skymonters (The Skymonters)
9. I Am Only Sleeping, The Vines (I Am Sam)
10. Shameless, Ani DiFranco (Dilate)

Seen Live: The Polyphonic Spree. Last year I saw the Spree on Valentine’s Day at the TLA with a bunch of my girlfriends. It was the best live show I’ve ever seen in my life. They were loud, enthusiastic, passionate, joyful, sweaty and amazing. After seeing them live, hearing them on CD is a poor substitute (although still good).

This doesn’t have anything to do with my Random Ten, but it’s about music so I’m throwing it in here. I saw the movie TransAmerica on Wednesday night (amazing movie). A song from one of my favorite bands, Old Crow Medicine Show, was in the soundtrack, about half way through. I got a little thrill out of the recognition.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Need more random fridays? Check out: Mac, Luna, Howard and Ben.

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