Italian Market Morning

I spent the morning at the Italian Market, first having breakfast with a friend at Sabrina’s and then shopping 9th Street for ingredient for spaghetti sauce. I had an apartment full of people over tonight to eat the sauce over angel hair pasta and with bread spread with roasted garlic. I love having a roomful of friends, warmed by food and wine, talking and laughing. Now I have a kitchen full of dishes to do and I’m getting sleepier by the moment (no, I did not have any wine, I’m still staying away from alcohol after last weekend’s activities), so I’ll post a picture and say goodnight.

0 thoughts on “Italian Market Morning

  1. Melissa

    That picture turned out really well. Even photoshop can’t quite reproduce that effect of intense heat radiating off a trash can fire. Ahh…South Philly, gotta love it.


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