New Seasons Market

Topping the list of my favorite things about visiting Portland each year (in addition to seeing my family) is going to New Seasons. It is one of the best, most appealing, well stocked and friendly-staffed grocery stores I’ve ever been in. I remember vividly the first year I went back to Portland after I’d been in Philly for 11 months straight. I went to New Seasons to pick up a bottle of wine (oh I miss grocery stores that sell wine and beer) and a few stocking stuffers. As I stood in line to pay for my purchases, the checker made both conversation and eye contact with me, thanked me for coming into the store and asked me if I needed help out. It had been so long since I had received such friendly service in a store that I was stammered and could hardly get the words out of my mouth to say thank you and no, I don’t need help out.

Well, the secret is out. Yesterday The New York Times ran an article all about the wonders that is New Seasons. That store is just another reason why the west coast may someday pull me back to it’s shores.

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