Raina Rose on the road

I didn’t get myself together to put up a Random Friday Ten today, believe it or not, I actually had work to do at work and couldn’t find time to blog. With only ten minutes left of the day, I’m going to forgo it this week. But I wanted to post an exciting update from my sister’s tour. She was informed recently that she will be playing at the High Sierra Music Festival this summer in Quincy, CA. I found out Wednesday, and went over to the High Sierra website and was completely blown away at the list of people who will also being playing the festival. It’s a thrill to see my sister listed with the likes of My Morning Jacket, Adrienne Young, and Nickel Creek. If seeing her on a bill with those luminaries peaks your interest, she gets to Philly on March 11th and is doing a show at the Unitarian Church that evening, and tickets are five bucks.

Enjoy the snow tomorrow!

0 thoughts on “Raina Rose on the road

  1. Katey Schultz

    finally catching up on my reads now. i’m housesitting this weekend and they have high speed so i can do this with ease. that’s great about your sis. it’s snowing lots here, too. as for blogging at work – i failed to realize that that’s where you do it. damn. i guess that’s how a lot of people do it. do bosses realize this?

  2. Marisa

    Ellen, it’d be great if you could come!

    Katey, I don’t always blog at work, but when I do the Random Ten I try to get it up early in the day. For the stuff that takes a little more creativity or focus, I do that at night, at home.


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