Birthday Toys

I’m a big believer in the principle that it is important to get at least one toy for your birthday every year. As we get older, birthdays lose the glow they possessed when we were kids. They turn into another day, without the excitement or anticipation that kept them thrilling throughout childhood. The birthday toy can take many forms, can be cheap or pricey, but there is something about getting a toy, a play thing, that helps keeps birthdays special.

Today was my cousin Dan’s birthday, and I had this rule in mind as I went flying into the AIA bookstore tonight, seven minutes before they closed. We were having a celebratory family dinner tonight, and I wanted to get a card and something fun. I scouted the store quickly, looking for something playful and frivolous. Even better if it fit into a card. During my final turn, I spotted it. A little bendy man, who was folded up into small metal case with a sliding lid. His hands and feet were magnetic, and his hair dread-like. He was fun, cool and fit into the card.

I made the purchase and rushed for home, to meet my cousins to head for the restaurant. When we got to Sagami (AMAZING sushi, by the way), Dan opened his presents after we had ordered, but before any food had arrived. He opened up the little tin, and started unfold and play with the little bendy man almost immediately. Dan is a lawyer, he’s married, he’s in his thirties, but the toy principle still seemed to apply. It’s just always fun to get a toy on your birthday. (Happy Birthday, Dan)!

0 thoughts on “Birthday Toys

  1. Ellen

    That is sooo cool! I put the CD I got a friend into a box of typical kids sugar cereal one year as an extra special cereal box prize and wrapped the cereal box – I like finding ways to make gifts fun.

  2. aasmodeus

    I second the sagami recommendation, I’ve never forgotten my sushi-eating experience with them.

    I also second that particular toy, both my son and I enjoy playing with it. He stuck it on my magnetic white-board and drew around it, kinda like a crime scene chalk outline.

  3. Scott

    I’ve seen that little toy in AIA Bookstore (which I am a big fan of by itself) and I liked it.. of course I also have about 200 Lego people on my desk…


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