Random Friday–Any day's a good day when I'm wearin' my Frye boots

I’m grateful to have arrived at Friday once again, relatively unscathed by the preceeding week, and ready for just a little rest. Or maybe, not so much rest, as I’ve got a potluck and Shay’s birthday dancing excursion (happy birthday Shay-bird!) tonight as well as a wedding and Shay’s actual birthday party tomorrow. I’ll sleep on Sunday.

Anyway, time for the set. You know the rules, but I get a kick out of repeating them, so here they are. Set your pod or other, less aethetically pleasing, digital music player a’shufflin’ and report back the first ten (or 11) songs that it spits out. No skipping, explaining or rationalizing via emoticon allowed.

1. Blackbird, Sarah McLachlan (I Am Sam)
2. I Sleep Alone, Moonlight Towers (Paste Magazine Sampler)
3. You Won’t See Me, The Beatles (Rubber Soul)
4. I’ll Cover You, Original Broadway Cast (Rent Sountrack)
5. Many Rivers, Charlotte Martin (Test-Drive Songs)
6. Section 20 (Together We’re Heavy), The Polyphonic Spree (Together We’re Heavy)
7. Frisky, Sly & The Family Stone (The Essential Sly & The Family Stone)
8. Maria’s Beautiful Mess, Ellis Paul (Live)
9. Lenny/Man on the Side, John Mayer (Any Given Thursday)
10. She, Hummingfish (Love Traktor and Other Songs)

Favorite Song: Sarah McLachlan’s version of Blackbird. I had the fortune of seeing her perform this song live (wow, almost two years ago now). Both she and it were lovely and amazing.

Favorite Album: This is tough today, because there’s a load of good stuff on the list today. I think I have to pick Together We’re Heavy by the Polyphonic Spree. Their live show was THE BEST music experience of my lifetime thus far.

Seen Live: I’ve already mentioned Sarah and the Spree. I’ve also seen Ellis Paul (I actually sat next to him at the Tin Angel that night, he ate dinner and watched his opening act).

Portland/Personal Connection: Hummingfish was a Portland/Pacific Northwest band. I think my sister had some connection to them (camp maybe?) and if my memory is serving correctly, my very first boyfriend, the guy I dated briefly in college before I broke up with him (and crushed him just a little), was related to one of the members of the band. Strange, tenuous strings.

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0 thoughts on “Random Friday–Any day's a good day when I'm wearin' my Frye boots

  1. Popscholar

    Hi Marisa,

    It’s Ashley. Long time no speak. I’ve been enjoying catching up with your blog. Love the Random Friday deal. Maybe I will play. 😉

    Oh, and I love my Fryes too. Excellent choice of footwear.

  2. Ellen

    …One of these days I’ll have enough of my collection loaded so I can play. File with one day I’ll figure out how to get my MMJB to do the random thing…

  3. Modad

    So what’s with the Fryes? Is just that you had them on? You put them in the headline, and they really have nothing to do with the music in the article? I’m so confused.

  4. kj

    hello, i don’t know you or you me–i found your blog through ashley. just want to encourage your writing (i’m doing the same) and tell you i enjoyed reading how you got to philadelphia.


  5. Marisa

    Dad, don’t be confused! The fryes have nothing to do with the set, but if you look back at the other titles for Random Friday, you’ll see that the titles are often really random.

    KJ, thank you so much!


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