Apologizing for being a twit

Another stage on the road to adulthood…

Just about once a week I find myself apologizing to my mother for the obnoxious acts I performed while growing up. Today’s apology was issued when my mom reminded me about a fit I threw at the ripe age of 19. My parents had invited me to come with them to dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary, and I started crying over the salads because my dad wanted me to pay for the replacement hard drive for my computer. I remembered this event with just a little embarrassment and said, “I am so sorry that I was such a pain in the ass so much of the time.” Her response was simply that she has always loved being my mother, and that she learned a very important lesson that night.

Never invite your children along for your anniversary dinners.

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  1. Lisa Ann

    I was a horrible teenager, running away from home & causing all sorts of angst for my parents. 10 years ago my friends 16 year old daughter came to NYC for the 1st time. She supposed to meet me at a certain place at a certain time and she showed up over an hour late. This was in the pre-cell phone days and I was totally freaking out, imaging every horrible thing that could have happened to her. When she showed up in one piece I didn’t know whether to hug or strangle her. After that, I called my mom to sincerely apologize for all that I had put them through.


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