Peace March Pictures

I’ve had this trip to New York planned for several months, and it was just dumb luck that put me there the same weekend as the peace march, but as always, I’m grateful every time for the opportunities that dumb luck sends my way. I haven’t participated in something of this magnitude in several years, and I’m so glad I went and had this experience. There were tens of thousands of people there, but the resounding attitude of the marchers was peaceful, patient and even joyful. The police officers who lined the march route were helpful, encouraging and supportive. I took almost 300 pictures and have managed to “whittle” it down to a set of 204. Still too many, but oh well.

A note about the woman below. I almost missed this shot. I was standing on the sidewalk, just a little ways up from her, my attention focused on the marchers passing me. I heard several people yelling supportively, “Rock on, old lady” and turned to find the subject of their cries. I saw her, in her vintage designer sunglasses, and Chanel-type jacket, holding her fingers up in the peace sign and, on automatic pilot, took a picture. After I took my camera away from my face, she lowered her arm for a minute, gave it a shake and a moment’s rest, and then raised it up again. She made eye contact with me, nodded and then looked back out into the crowd.

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  1. Elizabeth

    I loved your old lady picture so much that I swiped it and made it my wallpaper. I hope you don’t mind! It gives me hope that other people are out there, paying attention and are pissed off.


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