Roommate time

So my roommate is graduating and the friend I thought was going to move in with me has changed her plans and I find myself in the market for a roommate. If you live in the Philadelphia area and are looking for a place to live, or know someone who is looking, let me know. I mean, come on, how could you resist wanting to live in Apartment 2024?

(If you want more details, give me a shout).

0 thoughts on “Roommate time

  1. Leah

    man, i just love the fact that you have an apt that’s been in your family since 1966. my family has a junkyard since the early 1970’s…but that’s a little different.

  2. Modad

    I graduated high school in 1966, and I’m flying all the way to Boston in two weeks for my 40th high school reunion, but that’s not the same thing either.


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