Still a work in progress

Okay, I admit it. Moving over here to wordpress has been kind of challenging. I found a theme I like, but I can’t figure out how to make the header have my name in it. So right now there’s no header at all. I was trying to insert my flickr badge, and that didn’t work so well either. But I’m not discouraged, I simply need to spend a little more time figuring this whole thing out (big thanks to Scott, who has been acting as my wordpress tutor and all-around good guy).

So, interesting news from the roommate front. I placed my roommate ad over the weekend and got 13 emails from interested parties. I’ve now met with six of them, and I’m calling it a day. I’ve narrowed it down to two potential roommates, and I’m pondering this: do I pick the roommate who would be practically invisible, or do I go with the person who would be the most fun. These are important issues I’m dealing with here. I have to figure it out though, because I’ve promised everyone a response by Friday.

I’ve also been reminded over the course of this whole roommate search just how small Philadelphia really is. Sunday morning I got an email from someone interested in the room. He said he was an African-American male, who was currently living at 3rd and Pine. That address rang a bell for me, and I wrote back and asked him if he had possibly been the roommate of Mary Nussbaum*, an acquaintance of mine who used to live in that area. He wrote back that while he hadn’t lived with her, he actually did know her, and knew the roommate to whom I was referring. It’s just not a very big city.

I promise to keep working on the new blog, and will hopefully get it looking nice by the weekend. Thanks for being patient with me as I learn all this stuff.

*Not her real name.

0 thoughts on “Still a work in progress

  1. Mo

    So, Mary Nussbaum, nice “not her real name” name. I always favored Smedley Yellowbottm, though not a female.

  2. Ellen

    Hey – you’ve done great with the move given you’ve been squeezing it in at night after work. I took a chunk of Saturday and most of Sunday playing around with mine, and am still stuck on a few things. And – like I said before – I’m impressed you moved the archives as that’s one of the things I was stuck on (but think I can get to again this weekend).

    Hope you’re having fun with the learning curve and good luck w/ the roomate search.

  3. Leah

    Moving to WordPress was challenging for me as well. Duran over at Walking Upright is good at helping figure out these types of things. You could shoot him an email with your questions.

    And in terms of the roommate thing…it depends on how much you want to hang out with your roommate? I would probably prefer the fun one. Mainly b/c I like having company at home. But invisible would be great too. I’m no help.

  4. Jay V Cruz

    I use WordPress, so if you needs help…I’m right here!
    Also, my name is no longer Jason Vertucio. Uh. I had it legally changed. Or something.



  5. craige

    I guess it depends on what kind of person YOU are. You seem like someone who appreciates her alone time and isn’t very needy. So, I’d say you should probably get an invisible roomie, perhaps someone who also will pretty much keep to herself. But that’s probably just what I’d look for in a roomie.

  6. seadragon

    Your blog is looking much better! In fact, you’ve inspired me to make the switch to WordPress myself at some point. 🙂 I’m definitely leaving Typepad, but was planning to switch to MT which I’m already familiar with from another blog I have. I used to hate WordPress when it first came out, but they seem to have some really nice templates and everyone keeps saying how easy WordPress is.

    As for the roommate, without knowing you, you do seem to appreciate your alone time, so the invisible roommate seems to make the most sense. Plus, invisible roommates can’t be entirely invisible, right? The fun roommate sounds like she might have more impact on your life, and that might be a good thing, but it could also be overbearing and it’s a lot to bring into your own living space. Making a new fun friend seems like a better way to go because then you always get to go home to your own space when you want to.

  7. Dodi

    I would pick the invisible roommate. I’ve lost too many friends after moving in together. But I’m beginning to understand what a lousy roommate I was.

    I guess it depends on what you are looking for in a roommate. Are you looking for a companion or someone to split expenses with? Do you like to socialize at the end of a day or do you prefer solitude. What about the “fun” candidate makes her fun? Is that something you will find enjoyable for a long time?

    Can you tell how each candidate will affect the smell of your home? Either one will change your current situation. Go with your gut.

  8. Scott

    I would go with the invisible roommate as well, but I’m a hermit.

    Oh, and if you still want my help with this old blog, I could be persuaded to make a house call (though I do require food as payment).

  9. Ellen

    I say go with the quiet roommate! You can always have fun with your friends…home should be a refuge, you can play in the city!

  10. Aasmodeus

    Hi, just saying Hi, just saying Hi, [CLICK] sorry. Just saying, Hi, I made it over to your new pad. Thing with the quiet one is, why are they quiet, and will they expect *you* to be quiet, even if/when you have friends over? Then again, the same goes for the gregarious one. You must choose wisely… which is the Holy Grail?

  11. Luna

    I’d say the invisible one too…but then that’s ’cause I had bad experience with a “fun” roomie (well she was a bit pushy)

    New e-home looking good! 🙂


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