Random Friday–Hectic Weekend Ahead

It’s Friday once more, which means I skip out on posting anything substantial, and instead set my pod a’shufflin’. You know the rules, report back the first ten songs your pod/digital music devise spits out without omitting, skipping or rationalizing.

1. Cry Freedom, Dave Matthews Band (Crash)
2. End of the Summer, Dar Williams (Out There Live)
3. Stupid, Sarah McLachlan (Afterglow)
4. Christmas In Prison, John Prine (Great Days: Anthology)
5. Human, Josh Joplin (Useful Music)
6. Carnival, Amy Correia (Carnival Love)
7. Steal Your Love, Lucinda Williams (Essence)
8. A Case of You, k.d. lang (Hymns of the 49th Parallel)
9. Sweet Simple Love, Maria Muldaur (Meet Me At Midnight)
10. Foolish Love, Rufus Wainwright (Rufus Wainwright)

Favorite Song: k.d. lang’s version of A Case of You. I remember first falling in love with Joni Mitchell’s version of this song in college, playing “Blue” over and over again while studying in my dorm room. I discovered this album about a year ago, and found k.d. lang’s voice so intoxicating that I fell for this song all over again.

Favorite Album: John Prine’s Great Days: Anthology. I know I’ve waxed poetic about John Prine before. I love him. I love his blend of country folk. I love that his melodies are simple and that his words are clever, complex and perfect. I remember buying this CD when I was freshman in college, at the only independent music store in Walla Walla that was called Hot Poop. I was just listening to it yesterday, and thinking that I really got my money’s worth out of that particular purchase.

Least Favorite: Dave Matthews Crash. I’ve never actually gotten the whole Dave Matthews thing. I had friends in high school who would just swoon for him, and I was never all that impressed. I’m not entirely sure how this album got on my pod, but I don’t own it. I probably ripped it from someone, trying to give it one more chance. I think it’s time to dump it.

Seen Live: Dar Williams, Sarah McLachlan, John Prine and Rufus Wainwright. I actually really saw Rufus live last week, when I found myself standing about five feet away from him in the lobby of the Merriam Theater. My friend Shay and I were there to see the ballet 11:11, that is choreographed to his music, and apparently, he was there to see the show as well. I wouldn’t have recognized him if it wasn’t for Shay. She nearly peed her pants, she was so excited to be standing in his presence.

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11 thoughts on “Random Friday–Hectic Weekend Ahead

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  3. Marisa

    I know, it’s a fairly awesome music store name. It’s been there forever too. I took a picture of the sign when I was back there for my reunion last fall. You can find ithere.

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  7. howard


    I really liked his stuff early on (like 1993-94), but the albums started losing me a little bit around Crash – though I still kind of think #41 is just about my favorite piece of work from Dave Matthews.

    That said, even though his music’s gone a little off, his live shows are pretty darn good – a lot of jamming and great musicianship, not something the big-timers do that much of nowadays.

    He’s pretty much turned into a performer I don’t listen to on purpose anymore, though I’d catch one of his shows any day of the week.

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