Random Friday–Covered with mosquito bites

I woke up at 2 am last night contorted and tangled in blankets, having been trying to scratch mosquito bites while I slept.  I stumbled out to the hall closet, using my cell phone as a flashlight, to dig out a tube of Rhuli-Gel, hoping to take enough of the sting out of the bites to go back to sleep.  It worked moderately and I fell back asleep (although I’m itching today).  I’m an expert at handling mosquito bites, as I’ve always been allergic and they’ve always found me delicious.

Other things I’ve always found delicious?  Random Friday!  You know the rules, set your pod or other player to shuffle/random and report back the first ten (or 11) songs it spits out.  Please share your list in it’s entirety, refraining from editing, omitting or obfuscating.

1. Night Rider’s Lament, Nanci Griffin (Other Voices, Other Rooms)
2. Shameless, Ani DiFranco (Dilate)
3. #3, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals (Live From Mars)
4. Zak and Sara, Ben Folds (Rockin’ the Suburbs)
5. Things That Disappear, Rhett Miller (Sweet Sixteen, Live at the World Cafe)
6. Farther On, Jackson Browne (Late for the Sky)
7. Fighting, Mare Wakefield Band (Factory)
8. Studying Stones, Ani DiFranco (Knuckle Down)
9. Faye Tucker, Indigo Girls (Come on Now Social)
10. Save Me, k.d. lang (Ingenue)

Favorite Song: Fighting by Mare Wakefield.  I discovered Mare through my sister when I was in college.  I made taped copies of her CD’s and would play them as I drove back and forth to Walla Walla.  I eventually broke down and ordered her music via CDBaby.com and have never regretted it.  I don’t know what she’s doing now, but I always enjoy hearing her music.

Favorite Album: I do love Ben Harper’s Live from Mars album.

Seen Live: Ani DiFranco, Ben Harper, Ben Folds and Indigo Girls

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