Assorted tidbits

I’ve been laying on my bed since 8 pm, my desire to do anything more than watch bad tv and scoot around the internet destroyed by the menstrual cramps and aches that are currently wrenching my lower back and belly.

The hormonally induced headache that is clawing its way out from the inside of my skull is sapping my will to live and my ability to be creative, clever or witty. So I leave you with nothing more than five random tidbits about me:

1. The majority of my possessions were previously owned by someone else (I must confess, my grandparents and Aunt Flora have been my primary donors). On average, at least 75% of my clothing, books, furniture, pots, cooking utensils, dishes and consumer electronics are used. I make my mother proud.

2. I have worn the same style of bra for the last 8 years. When I find something that works, I stick with it.

3. I own 4 copies of “84 Charing Cross Road” by Helene Hanff and if I stumbled across another copy in a thriftstore, I would buy it without a second thought.

4. I use Hanukkah candles on birthday cakes.

5. When I was in middle school and would stay home sick, I would make myself either crepes or hash browns for lunch.

0 thoughts on “Assorted tidbits

  1. seadragon

    Wow, that’s ambitious to make yourself crepes when sick!

    As for your cramps and headaches… have you taken anything? I always moan in pain and go to bed early, without ever realizing that I haven’t taken anything for the pain and it really would help! (Also, being that it’s summer it might be a little hot for this, but have you ever tried Thermacare heating pads? They’re really nice and soothing, like a warm hug right where you need it.)

  2. craige

    Only one style of bra?! Only maybe two of mine are the same, but they are still different colors. I’m forever trying a new one and then invariably when I go back to find one I like, it’s not being made any longer.

  3. Marisa

    Seadragon–I wasn’t always all that sick when I stayed home from school “sick.” I did take Ibuprofen last night, but I didn’t do it in time, and so it was ineffective to handle the volume of head and body aches. I like the idea of the Theramcare heating pads, though.

    Craige–I have the bra in a multitude of colors, they are all just the same style!

  4. Cheeqz

    I love that you own 4 copies of “84 Charing Cross Road”. Such a sweet story (that almost no one I know has read!).

    And on the headachey/crampy stuff – have you tried magenesium? Making sure I take large amounts of it seems to assist in dulling the pain.

  5. Ellen

    Once upon a time (early college years), I bought up every copy of “Franny and Zooey” (Salinger) I could find in the several used bookstores I used to frequent, but gave them away to everyone who would take one from me. Don’t remember why I stopped, but your “84 Charing Cross Road” anecdote reminded of this particular oddity.

    Although it must have lasted into my Sr. yr. of college, or close to it, as I realized a specific friend would never tolerate the F&Z and got him “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” instead. Which he barely tolerated, but felt was too weird to read any of the later books.


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