Fall on the wind

Reading in Rittenhouse Square tonight, I could feel fall.  During the day it is still agresssively summer, but between the hours of 8 and 9 pm, when the sky is lit with angular, streaky rays of light, and a breeze makes the leaves in the trees flounce with attitude, I can sense the presence of fall.

I have mixed feelings about the prospect of summer ending.  I love September and October, with it’s crisper air and nights where you finally need a comforter on your bed again, but I had such plans for this summer, most of which I haven’t gotten to.  I find myself trying to slow down the moments and I hang on to the minutes of warmth and sunshine with fists clenched tight.  I can’t get enough Jersey tomatoes, peaches, summer squashes and ripe melon, as if buy ingesting the bounty of the season, I will be able to hold on to it longer.

When fall finally arrives to stay, I will welcome it, but right now I’m just not ready.  Is that really so wrong?

0 thoughts on “Fall on the wind

  1. Thad

    I love that fall evening feel. Stargazing with a chill in the air (but not February brutal cold) is my idea of perfect. Especially if someone’s burning wood in a fireplace not so far away. Mmmmmm.

    Summer can stick around a little longer, though. Especially when the weather’s like it’s been this week…

  2. Sandra

    Even though I live in southeast hot and humid Texas, I felt a fall like breeze myself Saturday evening as we were passing over a causway coming back from dinner on the Harley. That cool ocean breeze felt and reminded so much of fall. I can’t wait for cooler weather!


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