Random Friday–Let's Not Shit Ourselves (sound advice)

It’s been a little while since I’ve spun a Random Friday set, but I’m excited to restart the habit. Most of you know the rules, but for the new folks, here they are once more. Set your pod or other digital musical device a’shufflin’ and report back the first ten songs it spits out. No skipping, omitting or obfuscating allowed.

1. Mysterious Whisper, They Might Be Giants (Apollo 18)
2. Orange Sky, Alexi Murdoch (Four Songs)
3. Let’s Not Shit Ourselves, Bright Eyes (Lifted or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground)
4. Bridge over Troubled Water, Simon & Garfunkel (Simon & Garfunkel Greatest Hits)
5. Blue, The Jayhawks (Live At the World Cafe Vol. 1)
6. Ocean Breathes Salty, Modest Mouse (Good News for People Who Love Bad News)
7. Invisible Ink, Aimee Mann (Lost in Space)
8. Hole in the Road, Cross-Eyed Rosie (Lookin’ Up)
9. Sandy Land, The Whites (Down from the Mountain)
10. I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone (My Baby’s Gone), Elvis Presley (The Sun Sessions)

Favorite Song: Sandy Land by The Whites. This is my favorite for no other reason than I am a complete and total sucker for the mandolin, and it’s a prominent instrument in this song. It makes me think of family gatherings at my grandmother’s house in Woodland Hills, CA when my dad and his brothers would start jamming, often joined by other friends and family, in the ping-pong room.

Favorite Album: Lookin’ Up by Cross-Eyed Rosie. They are band to whom my sister introduced me, as they play bluegrass out of Portland and so she has crossed paths with them more than once. They are good stuff, and when I googled them to find their website, I discovered that they are about to release a new album. This fills with me levels of joy and excitment not necessarily fit for polite company.

Random Other Thoughts: Scott will be happy that my pod produced They Might Be Giants as the very first song, even if it is only 29 seconds long and doesn’t contain more than two words. I have no idea how I came to possess Live at the World Cafe Vol. 1, as it has been out of print for longer than I’ve lived in Philadelphia. I guess miracles do happen.

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10 thoughts on “Random Friday–Let's Not Shit Ourselves (sound advice)

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  3. Ellen

    “Let’s Not Shit Ourselves” – HAH!

    my bar’s even lower – I didn’t gut a mouthy coworker today while serving birthday cake for a team member’s birthday. Not a jury ANYWHERE would have found me guilty either (among many other heckles were commentary on cake cutting technique, slowness of cake cutting, and wanting second piece before everyone else had their 1st – because he was DONE, you see.)

    Actually, shitting myself at that moment would have been worth it if it would have made the cake eating atmosphere even the least bit more unpleasant for him. May have to keep in mind next time I have the big sharp knife in hand and he keeps at it several times after I remind him who has the big sharp knife… More social consequences, for sure, but fewer legal ones (and I DON’T think they’re allowed to tell that in a corporate reference)

    Be very happy you’re on sabattical from Corporate America for a spell

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  5. Bird

    I’m happy to report that you got the live at the world cafe vol one from yours truly. finally, it’s the other way around as you seem to always give me my good music:)

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  7. Ziegy

    I found your blog on a Google search for Cross-eyed Rosie. You are going to love the new CD, get ready. CD release Party Nove 11th. Join the yahoogroup we may be streaming live over the internet…


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