Random Friday–Right in Time

So I’m a little late getting on the Random Friday train here today.  But I still have a good 45 minutes of the day left, and so here it is, my random set.  Allow me to reiterate the very simple rules once again.  Set the old pod a’shufflin’ and report back the first ten songs it spits out.  No skipping, omitting or obfuscating allowed.

1. Your House, Jonatha Brooke (Steady Pull)
2. Respectable [Live], The Yardbirds (Smokestack Lightening)
3. That’s Alright, Elvis Presley (The Sun Session)
4. Tollin’ Bells, Paul Butterfield Blues Band (Strawberry Jam)
5. Right in Time, Lucinda Williams (Car Wheels on a Gravel Road)
6. Build That Wall, Aimee Mann (Magnolia)
7. Symphony No. 5, Beethovan (The Philadelphia Orchestra)
8. Be My Yoko Ono, Barenaked Ladies (Gordon)
9. Midnight Special, Van Morrison (Bang Masters)
10. Eyes Have Miles, G.Love and Special Sauce (G.Love and Special Sauce)

Favorite Song: Midnight Special by Van Morrison.  “Let the midnight special shine it’s everlovin’ light on me.”

Favorite Album: Strawberry Jam by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band.  “My head ain’t so heavy when the sun starts sinkin’ low.”

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