A half-dozen short paragraphs

It’s close to midnight and work for my class tomorrow night calls frantically. If it weren’t for my NaBloPoMo commitment, chances are good that I wouldn’t be posting. But I like finish what I start, and so I’m here, diligently posting away. I hope you don’t mind an eclectic assortment.

I ran today. For the first time in many months. Interspersed with walking, it actually didn’t feel too bad. I’m toying with the idea of working towards the ten mile Broad Street Run again. I really loved how I felt when running 3/4/5 miles was easy. I’d like to be that girl again.

My upper arms are sore because I spent twenty minutes on my back, raising and lowering a 6-month-old last night in a bench press position, all because it made her smile and giggle. We finally stopped when she deposited a wad of drool dangerously close to my mouth. I love this child, but not quite enough to willingly ingest her saliva.

I am completely and obsessively addicted to Sudoku again. I think I need to hide the puzzle books until Thursday evening, so that I get everything I need to do for school this week done.

I recently put myself back up on Match.com, having forgotten how little I actually enjoy the process of dating. I like being in a good relationship, but not the work that is sometimes required to find one.

That feels like enough for now. I’m going to go climb into bed with my laptop and notes for my journalism assignment and see how much I can pound out before sleep steals my brain’s functionality.

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