Random Friday–Good Day Sunshine

Sun is pouring into my living room and the plants seem to be reaching out to capture as much of it as they can.  The money plant has a spray of leaves that is pressed up against the glass, like a dog’s nose up against a sliding glass door.

The rules of Random Friday are simple.  Set your pod or other (less asthetically pleasing) digital music device to shuffle/random and report back the first ten songs it spits out.  No skipping, omitting, excusing or obfuscating the pod’s picks.  This is your music, stand tall.

1. Bobcat Tracks, Old Crow Medicine Show (Big Iron World)
2. All I Want is You, U2 (The Best of 1980-1990)
3. Good Day Sunshine, The Beatles (Revolver)
4. Roy Walker, Belle & Sebastian (Dear Catastrophe Waitress)
5. Just Like Jesse James, Cher (Cher Greatest Hits)
6. A Hundred Years, Tracy Chapman (Crossroads)
7. To The Stars, Erin McKeown (Travelling Roadshow)
8. Crazy, Barenaked Ladies (Gordon)
9. Stickshifts and Safetybelts, Cake (Fashion Nuggest)
10. Across the Universe, The Beatles (Past Masters, Vol. 2)

Now this is a *great* set.  At least in my opinion.  I love the near-frame that is created by two Beatles songs.   Have I ever mentioned the years I spent obsessed with the Beatles?  In the fifth grade, while other kids my age were flipping out about New Kids on the Block, I was completely swoony and insane about the Beatles.  I would scream when I saw them on TV, as if channeling one of the girls who made it impossible for the fab four to hear themselves when they played the Ed Sullivan Show.

But when you dig down past the Beatles, you’ve got Erin McKeown and her soaring voice.  Vintage Cher and everyone’s favorite Cake song.  I am very pleased with the manner in which my pod plummed the depths of my musical archive this week.

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