Catching up with the last couple days

Tonight, while filming an episode of Fork You, a cockroach appeared on my kitchen counter. I was not pleased. Thad tried to kill it with a cutting board (which I would have never used for food again) but did not succeed before it disappeared behind the stove. With that exception, the filming went quite well. We made a Quick Fork about latkes for Hanukkah and a longer edition about warm holiday drinks. There’s also an impending Fork You marriage in the works, as our sound guy (Thad) proposed to the woman behind the camera (Angie) this weekend in Rittenhouse Square. After asking him if he was sure, she said yes.

Yesterday I turned the overflowing chicken broth into full-fledged soup. The broth went into a big soup pot. I added in diced onion, little wheels of carrot, slivers of celery and slices of mushroom and the chunks of chicken I had pulled off the carcass. I let it all cook together until the veggies were soft, poured some of it into a jar and took it over to Jamie and Scott’s house for lunch. I spent nearly three hours over there, eating, dancing with 7-month-old Ivy and catching up. It was a joy to have the time to spend with them.

These days, I’m running at breakneck speed towards the end of the semester and my trip home to Portland. I’ve been feeling a little off, not real creative and increasingly vulnerable lately. I’m hoping that vacation time at home with family will help me pull myself back together.

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