My classes start tomorrow night.  Though I have enjoyed many aspects of the unscheduled life I’ve conducted for the last month, I’m really looking forward getting into a routine that challenges me and gives me a sense of purpose.

I am grateful that I am finally feeling substantially better.  The cold I complained about last week stuck around until about 24 hours ago and it is such a relief to be feeling better.  I do appreciate the timing of the cold though, because I got it when I had the time to just sit and be with it.  I didn’t have to drag myself to work or school while feeling awful.

I’m about two weeks late, but I’m finally ready to start the new year with energy and excitement.

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  1. Sparky

    Man, what did you do besides rest, because I am now being inundated by this cold. Its not affecting my nose since im hopped up on allergy meds, but everything else on my head feels clogged.


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