The Brunch Bunch

The latest episode of Fork You has been up for more than 24 hours and I’ve neglected to mention here. I am a bad, bad podcaster. However, now I can make up for my omission by telling you that really, you should go over and check it out. I promise that it will make you hungry. In this episode we make a citrus salad with caramelized pecans, a leek and spinach frittata and multi-grain waffles with real maple syrup.

Guess what we did when we were all finished filming? We ate it all. And it was good. It’s not a hard meal to make either, and if you don’t have a waffle iron (you could always make pancakes, although they don’t hold the syrup quite as well), I recommend checking out your local thriftstores. That’s where I’ve gotten all of mine. Yep, that’s right, I have multiple waffle irons. Three to be exact. I used to have four, but I gave one away. But that’s really a story for another time.

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