You Don't Knead It, But You Want It

The latest episode of Fork You is up! This very last Monday we filmed not one, but two podcasts for your viewing pleasure (the next one will be appearing sometime in the vicinity of next week). We tried to make this one a Quick Fork, but when we got to the end realized that we hadn’t been all that quick about things. It doesn’t matter though, cause the end result was awesome, some beautiful, freshly baked bread. (I apologize for the amount of squinting and scrunching up of my face that I do, I don’t know what comes over me when a camera is pointed at me. Unless I squint and scrunch when I talk all the time. That’s a frightening thought).

In other news, I got my hair cut today. For the last year and a half, I’ve been semi-intentionally letting it grow, out of curiosity and laziness. I’ve liked having it long. I had forgotten the joys of the ponytail. But then a couple of days ago, my mom called me and mentioned, out of the blue, that she’d been looking at old pictures of me and thought my hair looked better shorter.

I was indignant! Who was she to tell me how I should have my hair. I told her (rather harshly) that I thought she was wrong, that I liked my hair long and I was going to keep it that way. I held firm in that position for a couple of hours, but then as I was getting ready to go to bed that night, I took a good long look at my hair and realized a horrible thing. She was right. My hair had suddenly gotten scraggly. And it made the top of my head look really flat (and I need all the volume I can get).

Today I made my way over to the beauty school at 3rd and Bainbridge (I can’t bring myself to pay gobs of money for hair cuts) and surrendered about 3 1/2 inches. It’s a great cut, makes my hair look so much thicker and makes me feel happy when I look at myself in the mirror. There’s nothing better than a miraculous transformation that only cost $12.

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