Random Friday–ready for no hard times

Set the old pod/digital music devise to it’s random/shuffle setting and share the first ten songs it unearths. Please no skipping, omitting or avoiding songs, the fun is in the surprise.

1. Mt. Hood Moth Infestation, Raina Rose (Despite the Crushing Weight of Gravity)
2. A Girl Like You, Edwyn Collins (Empire Records)
3. When Love Was Young, Iris Dement (Infamous Angel)
4. Swing, Beth Amsel (The Reverie)
5. Gambling Bar Room Blues, Jimmie Rodgers (No Hard Times)
6. Both Hands, Ani DiFranco (Living in Clip)
7. Moonlight, Bob Dylan (Love & Theft)
8. Love Express, Jim Brunberg (Love Expresss)
9. Love and Happiness, Al Green (Al Green Greatest Hits)
10. Burn that Broken Bed, Calexico/Iron & Wine (In the Reins)

I swear I had no conscious hand in setting up this particular set. It is just happy coincidence that Raina’s song floated to the top this week. All in all, it’s a pretty good set. It’s got a fairly nice balance between men and women. There are some famous folk and some indie friends of my sister’s. And anytime Al Green bubbles up I am happy. We can always use a little extra love and happiness.

The others…


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