Still sick, but on the upswing

Heading into this week, I had every day booked. I had lunch dates with friends and had filled the evenings with meetings and movies. Getting sick meant that all of that had to go, and it’s been amazing to me how easily the decks got cleared. Friends were understanding and meetings went on without me. It has reminded me that so much of the pressure I feel in my day to day life is mostly self-imposed. It makes me wonder why I do this to myself.

Two cousins stopped by today with home made matzo ball soup, orange juice and flowers. It made me feel so loved and taken care of, even if they did keep at least two feet away from me at all times (in an attempt to not pick up my bug). It was really good soup too.

I’ve heard from a couple of reputable sources (friends who have also had this flu) that I’m heading into the home stretch now. Maybe I’ll actually be able to leave my apartment tomorrow.

0 thoughts on “Still sick, but on the upswing

  1. Mom

    Please don’t go out tomorrow. It’s too soon and it is so cold there. Wait another day or so. Do it for me. Please. Love, Mom

  2. Ellen

    Mom may be right in that this is your break week – take advantage of the fact you’re not as obliged to do as other times. Rerun colds bite and I rush right back way too frequently myself. If it’s social do the “make them come to you” thing – much less draining.


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