Raina in Philly

When I got into my car yesterday, something didn’t look right.  There was a rapidly blackening banana on the dashboard.  A full cup of coffee was in the cup holder.  There was a box of Frosted Flakes in the back seat and a bright orange parking ticket behind the driver’s seat.  I paused as I got in and looked around to make sure that I had in fact gotten into the correct car.  In a flash, I remembered.  I hadn’t driven my car since my sister had had it for three days.  Suddenly it all made sense. 

Raina didn’t leave the long pink couch in my living room yesterday for more than the hour combined yesterday.  She slept late, ate several bowls of cereal and watched multiple movies on demand.  And I just love having her there. 

She got some awesome news yesterday too.  For the last couple of years she has attended the Kerrville Folk Festival in Kerrville, TX.  Each year she has entered their New Folk Competition.  This year they got over 800 applications and picked 32 finalists.  Raina is one of them.  It is pretty darn cool. 

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