Coincidences, both near and far


I got an email from a friend today, with a picture attached. She and her husband-to-be were recently on vacation up in the Pacific Northwest when, on Bainbridge Island, they spotted this poster, advertising a concert featuring my sister and her friend John. Unfortunately, they were scheduled to come back to Philly before the show (wouldn’t that have been cool if they had gotten a chance to see her perform on Bainbridge!), but they were tickled by the coincidence.

Speaking of coincidences, yesterday afternoon I spent a couple of hours over at La Va cafe doing some work and drinking iced tea. I had been sitting there over an hour when a woman behind me and over a few tables asked the people around her for the wifi password. I spoke up, along with the woman behind me. As I turned around, I realized that the woman sitting directly behind me was actually my friend Ashley. We had been sitting back to back for a considerable chunk of time, without realizing that the other was there. We chatted for nearly another hour, until we both had to get going.

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