Quick Fork 11: Summer Spirits

The latest episode of Fork You is up and running. We made summery alcoholic beverages on my friend Jen’s Wash West roof deck, with a view of the city serving as our backdrop. We should have kept the cameras running, because things got good when we finished recording and started drinking. Scott finished off almost an entire bottle of Pimm’s and Jen killed off a good portion of that pitcher of margaritas. We sat outside, talking and laughing until the bugs and the threat of work (well, not so much for me, but for everyone else) sent us back in.

0 thoughts on “Quick Fork 11: Summer Spirits

  1. girlfiend

    You should have posted this when I was desperately trying to figure out the ration of lime to syrup for lime daiquiris!

    I gave up on the syrup and moved to making margaritas with the perfect 1-2-3 ratio of lime, triple sec and tequila with an extra teaspoon of powdered sugar. Now I’ll have to try the syrup again.


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