Sleep, dreams and houses that birth cars

For the last few weeks, my sleep has been uneven and uncomfortable.  I would wake up nearly every night, sometime just before dawn, trying to shake the remnants of an unsettling dream.  This is unusual for me as I’ve always been one of those people who sleeps solidly and without interruption for at least 8 hours (when given the opportunity).  I’ve walked around in a sleep deprived fog since sometime around the end of July.

However, Saturday morning, something changed.  I lay in bed, stretching and enjoying the ability to roll over and stretch my back when I realized that I had slept well.   It felt so normal that for a moment I questioned the prior weeks of disturbed nights, but the feeling of being well-rested was so delicious that I knew they had taken place because of my level of appreciation.

I also remembering a dream that was strange but not unsettling.  In it, I had wound up driving my car into a house.  Not in the sense that I had smashed up the car or the house, but simply that I had navigated my 15-year-old station wagon down a road that led into the center hall of a large brick rowhome.  There wasn’t any way to turn around and the rear of the house closed around the car once it was inside.
The door frame in front of me was of normal width, so I couldn’t continue to drive forward.

I was beside myself with worry at being stranded, my means of transport parked on a hardwood floor, but the residents of the house seemed unconcerned.  I knew that there was a spot reserved for me on the street outside and I thought it was important that I get there as soon as possible.  They calmed me down and told me there was no rush.  It was communicated to me that eventually the house would be ready to make space for the car to exit in something that would resemble a birth.  They told me that I didn’t have to stay there with the car, they would be happy to take care of it while I was gone.  Then they opened the front door, handed me a bicycle and and sent me on my way.  I pedaled away, feeling relaxed and peaceful, knowing that it would be clear when it was time to return for the birth of the car.

I’m not entirely sure where exactly each parallel gets drawn, but I do understand that this dream is about knowing that things happen as they should and that often times it is impossible to rush the process.  Things are continuing to shift and change in my life and I guess right now I am supposed to rely on the help of friends, family and loving strangers in dreams and spend a little time trying a new way.  The bike as opposed to the car.

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