Fork You: We put the spring in the garden

The latest episode of Fork You is live. We filmed the first half of this one way back in August, but the crazy, unseasonably warm weather that we’re having these days makes it seem like we filmed it just yesterday. We did film cooking of the swiss chard back then at Thad and Angie’s (the northern branch of Fork You studios), but for some reason the audio got all screwed up and so we had to toss it and start over.

If this doesn’t sate your cravings for seeing Scott and me make fools of ourselves on video, you are in luck, as we also posted the first of two Slashfood in the Kitchen episodes yesterday. We’re making two of these little videos for Weblogs, Inc. and it’s our first-ever experience at getting paid for making content. Pretty darn cool.

One thought on “Fork You: We put the spring in the garden

  1. Wendy

    I was wondering why the second part was filmed so much later. You should have dubbed over the video, with sound effects and all. It would have been hilarious!


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