Apartment 2024–Now roommate free!

My roommate moved out this morning.  I have now been the only resident of Apartment 2024 for nearly 14 hours now and the thrilling novelty of it is still only just setting in.  However, there is part of me that is still not adjusted to this new reality.  Every time I hear the elevator bell ding, there’s a part of me that expects that someone will approach my door, insert a key and enter.  I tense up for a moment when that happens and then I remind myself that no one will be walking in (I don’t know why I tense up.  When it happened tonight, all I was doing was eating a bowl of soup while watching American Gladiators).

In other news, first-ever Fork You Live that we did on Saturday was something of a smashing success.  More people than I ever could have imagined showed up (some even driving from more than 2 hours away) and the food turned out really well.  The folks at Foster’s were pleased and it looks like we just may make it a regular thing.  Now I just need to think of more things to cook!

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